Vehicle Import Approval Australia (VIA)

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What is Vehicle Import Approval (VIA)?

VIA is a permit required to import a road vehicle into Australia, issued by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, and Local Government.

This permit is necessary due to the Australia market not being de-regulated when it comes to vehicle imports.

Obtaining a VIA is essential for legally importing and using a vehicle on Australian roads.

The Application Process

The application process for a Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) can be complex, but SEA GO is here to help.
Conducted online through the ROVER platform, managed by the Department of Infrastructure, the process involves several steps:
Visit the ROVER platform and set up an account.

Provide detailed information about your vehicle, including make, model, and year.

Upload necessary documents such as proof of ownership and vehicle specifications.

Review all details and submit your application.

The department will review your application and notify you of the outcome. Once approved, you will receive your VIA, allowing you to proceed with importing your vehicle.

Choosing the Right Import Scheme

Selecting the appropriate import scheme for your vehicle is crucial to ensure compliance with Australian regulations.

Here are the main schemes available:

This scheme is suitable for individuals relocating to Australia permanently who have owned and used the vehicle for over 12 months.

You must provide proof of ownership, use of vehicle and permanent relocation to Australia. The VIA should be obtained before shipping the vehicle.

If you have already relocated, the application must be lodged within six months of your arrival in Australia.

Vehicles that are older than 25 years and remain in their original condition (without modifications) can be imported under this scheme. 

It’s essential to obtain the VIA before the car is shipped. This rule is particularly popular among classic car enthusiasts.

Vehicles that were previously registered and purchased in Australia but were then exported can be re-imported as ‘Returned Goods.’ 

A photo of the car’s Australian Compliance Plate is required. 

These vehicles are exempt from Import Duty and Import GST, simplifying the process and reducing costs.

The Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS) allows for the importation and supply of used specialist or enthusiast vehicles. 

You must contact a RAWS dealer to verify if your specific car can be imported under this scheme. This option is ideal for importing rare or performance vehicles not typically available in Australia.

In cases where standard import regulations do not apply, you can request the Department of Infrastructure to exercise discretion. 

This requires a detailed letter explaining the special circumstances and reasons why the import should be allowed. This option provides flexibility for unique situations.

For vehicles specifically built for racing or rally purposes, you must prove the vehicle’s suitability for racing. You must also provide your racing history, intended racing events and show membership in a racing club. 

These vehicles cannot be registered for road use and will only be permitted for racing activities.

SEA GO can help you determine the best scheme for your situation and handle the application process to ensure a smooth import experience.

Why Choose SEA GO for VIA Applications

Choosing SEA GO for your Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) applications ensures a seamless and stress-free experience. Here is why:
Our team has extensive knowledge of Australian import regulations and years of experience in handling VIA applications.

We provide tailored support throughout the entire application process, from creating an account on ROVER to submitting all required documents.

Our proven methods simplify the application process, reducing the risk of errors and delays.

We prioritise our clients’ needs, offering transparent communication and prompt responses to any queries.

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VIA Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some common questions to get you started. Can’t find what you need? Contact us for more information.

No, you can’t. Without your Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) your vehicle will be denied entry into Australia and will need to be returned to its country of origin.

You will need to provide proof of ownership, vehicle specifications, a photo of the compliance plate (if applicable), and any other required certifications or documentation specific to your import scheme.

The cost of applying for a VIA can vary depending on the type of vehicle and the specific import scheme. For detailed pricing information, it’s best to contact SEA GO for an accurate estimate.

Yes, you can apply for VIA for multiple vehicles, but each vehicle will require a separate application and fee. SEA GO can assist you with managing multiple applications efficiently.

If your VIA application is rejected, SEA GO can help you understand the reasons for rejection and assist you in reapplying or exploring alternative import options to ensure your vehicle meets all the necessary requirements.

A Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) is typically valid for 12 months from the date of issue. It’s important to import your vehicle within this timeframe to avoid any complications.