RoRo — Roll On Roll Off

RoRo is the an economically viable way to ship your car worldwide. RoRo is short for ‘Roll On Roll Off’, which describes how cars are loaded and discharged from a vessel.

The vessels used for RoRo are designed for carrying cars, boats on trailers and any self-propelled or towable cargo. All vessels have built-in ramps that make the loading and unloading of wheeled cargo easy. RoRo vessels comprise of multiple levels which accommodate for all sizes of vehicles and self-propelled machinery.

Once a vehicle is in position, it is secured from four points by lashing straps, ensuring that the vehicle does not move during transit and cause damages. Cars are loaded below deck into the hull of the ship where they are stored completely protected and weatherproof. No exposure to the elements or salty air/water. SEA GO is specialised in shipping cars on RoRo service worldwide including to and from UK, USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia and many more. 

Please contact SEA GO International to discuss this option when shipping your car.

RoRo Roll On Roll Off
RoRo Roll On Roll Off
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