R-Rak Car Shipping with SEA GO

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SEA GO’s R-Rak car shipping solution keeps your vehicle safe and secure throughout its journey.

What is R-Rak Car Shipping?

R-Rak car shipping utilises a revolutionary racking system designed in the UK and attested by the Bureau Veritas, a world-renowned certification body known as “The Bureau of Truth.”

This innovative system, built by Singamas, one of the major container manufacturers globally, offers the safest and most efficient way to transport your car internationally.

Thousands of cars, both new and used, have already been shipped securely using the R-Rak system.

Here is How it Works

Benefits of R-Rak Car Shipping

Enhanced Safety

R-Rak's secure in-wheel cradles and fastening system minimise vehicle movement during transport, reducing the risk of scratches, dents, or other damage.

Maximised Space

By stacking cars securely within the container, R-Rak allows for more vehicles per shipment, leading to cost savings or the ability to ship additional belongings alongside your car.

Efficiency and Speed

The R-Rak system allows for faster loading and unloading of vehicles compared to traditional methods, potentially streamlining the overall shipping process.

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Why Choose SEA GO for R-Rak Car Shipping?

At SEA GO, we are highly experienced and passionate about providing safe, efficient, and hassle-free car shipping solutions to all our clients.

Here is why we stand out as your trusted partner for R-Rak car shipping:

By choosing SEA GO for your shipping needs, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in the hands of a reliable and experienced team.

The R-Rak Car Shipping Process with SEA GO


At SEA GO, we make R-Rak car shipping simple! Here is a quick look:

1. Get a Quote

Tell us about your car, origin, and destination. We will provide you with a transparent quote.

2. Book & Prepare

Confirm your booking and gather the necessary documents (registration, etc.). We will guide you on any pre-shipment car preparation.

3. Pick-Up & Secure Loading

We will collect your car (if requested) and expertly load it onto the R-Rak system within a secure container.

4. Track Your Shipment

Relax and monitor your car’s journey with online tracking information.

5. AQIS Release & Delivery

Our team handles customs clearance. Once released by Customs and Quarantine, we can deliver your car to your chosen destination (if requested).

Throughout the entire process, our dedicated customer support team will be available to answer any questions and keep you informed every step of the way.

R-Rak Certifications

At SEA GO, we prioritise the safety of your vehicle during shipment. That’s why we use the R-Rak system, a certified and thoroughly tested solution.

  • R-Rak products undergo extensive testing and have earned certifications from world-renowned organisations like Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, and China Classification Society.

These certifications demonstrate the system’s compliance with the highest safety standards.

  • R-Rak goes beyond maritime transport. It has also passed rigorous testing by the Association of American Railroads and Russian Rail, ensuring its suitability for various transportation modes.

R-RAK Clients

Join the many satisfied customers who trust SEA GO for R-Rak Car Shipping!

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R-Rak Car Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some common questions to get you started. Can’t find what you need? Contact us for more information.

The R-Rak system is designed to customise and accommodate most vehicles — sedans, SUV and 4WD.

Larger vehicles are floor-loaded within the containers.

To confirm if your specific vehicle is suitable for R-Rak shipping, contact our friendly team, and we will be happy to assist you.

We prioritise the safety of your vehicle throughout the entire shipping process.

Our secure shipping system and professional loading techniques minimise the risk of damage.

However, we offer comprehensive marine insurance cover for the unlikely event of possible damages.

The overall timeframe for R-Rak car shipping depends on several factors, including the origin, destination, and customs clearance procedures at the arrival port.

Please contact us to enquire about specific transit times.

R-Rak car shipping offers a potentially cost-effective solution compared to traditional methods.

By maximising the number of vehicles that can be loaded into a single container, R-Rak can lead to lower shipping costs per car.

Additionally, the faster loading and unloading times associated with R-Rak can contribute to overall cost savings.

To get a personalised quote tailored to your specific needs, simply fill out our quick and easy online form.

Once your car arrives at the destination port, our experienced team will handle unload and import customs clearance procedures on your behalf.

This ensures a smooth transition and minimises delays.

After successful clearance, you can collect your vehicle from the unloading depot or we can arrange for the delivery of your car to your chosen destination.

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