Overdimensional Cargo

We specialise in importing cargo from the United States as well as from Europe and the United Kingdom.

The classification “Roll-On/Roll-Off” refers to cargo that is able to be moved onto a vessel under its own steam or able to be towed on board.

This applies mainly to Motor Homes, Fifth Wheel Trailers, Boats on Trailers, Caravans, and some Heavy Machinery. The freight is delivered to the wharf for loading, stowed under deck, and discharged on the wharf at
its destination port for Quarantine Inspection.

There are important rules regarding the importation of vehicles available on: http://www.infrastructure.gov.au/roads/vehicle_regulation/bulletin/importing_vehicles/index.aspx

For a full list of Quarantine regulations regarding the import of goods to Australia, please visit: http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/import/vehicles-machinery/motor-vehicles

The most important thing is to be informed about what you can expect when planning a move in order to avoid unnecessary delays once the cargo arrives in Australia.

Our aim is to inform you and assist you, to make the process of importation a seamless one, by providing one-on-one service and information ahead of schedule regarding your particular shipment.

For enquiries please call us on 1300 885 888.


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