Important Stuff to Know

SEA GO, through our partners CFR, has revolutionised the way cars are shipped by container, to offer the safest, cleanest and most cost effective way to bring your prized investment into Australia.



1. DOTARS requires an import approval for cars, prior to the cars arriving into Australia.

2. Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS)

Whether importing new or used vehicles into Australia, AQIS will do a mandatory inspection on arrival to check the vehicle is clean and free of all quarantine risk material. We advise all our importers to advise their suppliers to “clean as new”. To check the AQIS regulations/instructions for import go to:, then select: Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service.

Once the container has been unpacked in an approved Depot and Quarantine inspection has taken place, the following may occur:

A. Your car passes inspection and it is therefore able to be collected from the depot, once all fees have been paid.

B. Your car does not pass inspection. It will require further cleaning at the Unpack Depot, as per Quarantine instructions; re-inspection by Quarantine and if passed, it then may be collected from the depot, once all fees have been paid. (SEA GO will do whatever we can to avoid extra costs incurred on arrival which is based largely on how clean the cars are prior to shipping from the origin port. Please note: Cleaning in Australia is costly and although this is sometimes unavoidable, these costs can be drastically reduced if handled properly at origin.)

3. The Department of Environment Australia also has strict regulations in place for any type of vehicle import. Does your car have air conditioning fitted? We can ensure the vehicle is de-gassed prior to shipping.

4.Australian Arrival Costs

You have shipped your car from the overseas supplier, so what fees can you expect on arrival?

The following charges are applicable to all foreign imports:

(i)   Shipping Line Wharf Fees (Port Service Charges)

(ii)  Customs Clearance Fees

(iii) Quarantine Inspection Fees

(iv) Import GST 10% cost of goods + freight

5. Do you have an original USA Certificate of Title and a Bill of Sale?

The vehicle cannot be exported without these and they must be sighted by the agent in the USA prior to shipment. The US agent then sends them to us via FEDEX once all export documents are in order and we send them to you.

6. For cars post 1989, please refer to the following link:

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