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by Trevor from Melbourne on

When I first contacted SEA GO, I was a bit annoyed. They told me this and they told me that. I am 72 years old I told them, that Ray said don’t buy from Ebay unless you have Paypal. I didn’t listen and lost my deposit and it took me months to get my money back. Then he told me I should use a reputable company in the UK to buy a caravan from. After 6 weeks and no luck on Ebay. Well one was ok. Ray told me to get it checked before I pay the full amount. So he did that for me and guess what it was a dog. And the guy wouldn’t give me my deposit back until he sold the caravan to someone else.

So I ended up listening to Ray. He put me in touch with some people and they gave me what I wanted. It cost me a little more than I was prepared to pay. But they threw in a few bits and pieces and detailed the caravan for me. When it arrived it almost looked brand new. Not bad for a caravan that is 8 years old. Am happy thanks Ray, should have listened to you in the first place.

by Roger from Adelaide on

When I came to Australia, I left my caravan in the UK. Once I saw what they are selling for here, I had to import it. Even when SEA GO explained about the taxes and shipping costs I saved a lot of money. I would have kicked myself if I had sold it in the UK. SEA GO shipped my car also.

The company I spoke to in the UK before talking to SEA GO were going to charge me almost $4000 more than what Ray at SEA GO charged me. All the costs an potential costs explained so I could make an educated decision. After looking at what is on the market here and thanks to Ray, the decision to bring both the car and the caravan was definitely the right one.

by Peter from Perth on

I was looking at starting a lawn mowing business, when I found out about English caravans. I had some past experience in importing… so I got in touch with SEA GO and they made it all sound pretty easy. Here I am 6 months later and selling 2 a month.

by Mark from Brisbane on

My friends thought I was mad to buy a UK caravan. But Ray at SEA GO put me in touch with a great company in the UK who found me exactly what I was looking for. My wife and I are going on a trip to Darwin next month with a group of friends who own Australian caravans.

I don’t have the nerve to tell our friends how much we will save on petrol. Holden station wagon is all we need to tow our Bailey.

by Dean from Sydney on

I shipped my previous caravan through another company. What a headache…almost gave up on this…a quick chat to SEA GO and I was relieved to know exactly what I was going to pay for. Saved me thousands on what I paid last time.

by Ray from Brisbane on

Ray from SEA GO asked if I would give him a reference about our 2008 Swift we imported. It was actually a mate of mine who imported one before me. I was that impressed I had to have one. No hassle, no problem, pricing as agreed. It’s all good.

by Don from Sydney on

I was impressed with the way the caravan was to be packed. The brochure explained everything as did the staff… especially Chinda …what a pocket rocket… I never had to once call her.

by Michael from Brisbane on

Thank you SEA GO and Ray for letting me know what to do with sourcing a caravan and shipping it to Australia…To begin I was looking at building an extension onto the house…then I had a look for a cheap caravan to house our teenage son…once it arrived I knew it was too good for him…but now we go to Northern NSW and fish and surf together.

by Greg from Melbourne on

You guys are great….made the whole process so easy and kept me informed of all steps…looking forward to using my new toy.

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