Boat Importing

To import a boat, an import approval is not required for the boat itself, but the trailer, if applicable, will require one.

The import approval is obtained from the Department of Transport and Regional Services.

For information and Application form for Approval to Import a trailer, click here.

Boat Shipping Options

There are several options available when choosing to import your boat. Certain models of boats can be loaded directly into a container and we use experienced packers to ensure that the loading is undertaken correctly.

Most importantly, the beam of the boat affects the manner in which it is shipped. As a rule of thumb, a vessel with a beam of up to 7’11” can easily be shipped in a container, inclusive of trailer. The trailer can be modified at loading and re-assembled at the destination point.

For boats with a beam between 7’11” and 8’6” on a trailer, we can utilise either a Flat Rack container, (a container platform without sides), or ship as rollable cargo, inside the hull, under deck, on specially designed vessels.

Please note, any boat on a trailer can be shipped as rollable cargo, providing the mast is dismantled. The cost for rollable cargo will be calculated per cubic meter volume of the boat on trailer as it is presented for shipping. Reducing the overall volume by removing ski poles, platforms, or windscreen, can be a considerable cost saver.

For Flat Rack options, we recommend shrink wrapping the boat, to reduce exposure, as the container will travel above deck.

For larger boats or yachts that require cradles, we can recommend our specialist partners to contact you direct. Call us to discuss your requirements so we can arrange the best option to suit your needs.

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